Friday, November 25, 2005

April 19-22, 2007

Near the turn of the century, a group of renegade creatives chose to escape the city’s daily grind, seeking inspiration and rejuvenation in the Texas Hill Country. Designers, illustrators, photographers and others gathered to celebrate their craft, to return to their roots, to dust out the cobwebs and uncover their long-lost creative spirits.

Deep among the mesquite thorns, cedar brakes, and granite outcroppings of the Guadalupe River, design pilgrims from across the country again this spring will discover Design Ranch. Surrounded by wild flower-covered fields and miles from the nearest Mac, they’ll eschew technology and experience design as it was meant to be. No clients. No deadlines. No rules. By day they’ll paint, draw, cut and glue, bringing their imaginations to life. By night they’ll feast upon home-cooked meals and spin yarns around the campfire, washing cares away with wine and song.

Design Ranch 2006 people will be your reasource to all that is Design Ranch 2006. Check back on this regularly and feel free to post:

comments: hated the 9 am class time
concerns: I need a roommate and a ride.
ideas: can we rent goats?
suggestions: is david carson available?
requests: more cowbell please!

The intent here is to generate a place for the Design Ranch community to gather, exchange ideas and find the latest information on Design Ranch 2006.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bettin the Ranch

YAHOO! We have secured Ringers on 4th street as the location for this years "Bettin the Ranch' event. On December 8th, 160 people will converge upon their establishment and play a tournament of what else, but Texas hold 'em. We are still digging around for prizes but we have already secured SXSW music badges, and working on getting a silent auction off the ground.

All proceeds will go to AIGA Austin education endeavors. So if you are around and in Texas come on by. Its gonna be a great time.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Design Ranch 2006

Photos: Woody Welch (

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Design Ranch 2005

photos courtesy of James Craig

Rides and Roomates

Going to Design Ranch and you need a ride and a roomate? Let people know here.

DR Testimonials

Gotta spread the good news? This is where you do it.

Here is what past attendees have said.

“ You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Woody Pirtle doing the two-step in nothing but a pair of pink-fringed ankle boots. To this day it keeps me awake at night.” Chip Kidd Design Ranch alumni 2002

“I’ve had the honor of participating in many a professional event and NEVER has one been so well conceived, organized and executed. It was a lovely experience that I hold in the highest regard.” Alicia Johnson Design Ranch alumni 2003

“ Best *#@!#@ conference I have ever attended. Was invited to be a workshop leader, had so much fun I have paid to come back ever since.” Joel Nakamura Design Ranch alumni 1999, 2000

“ This is one of those rare events that allow you to learn directly from – and drink beer, eat BBQ and dance with – design greats. It doesn’t get any more hands-on than Design Ranch.” Marc Burckhardt Design Ranch alumni

“It’s the most fun I ever had with type and cactus!” Paula Scher Design Ranch alumni 2000

The Ranch

Somewhere between Austin and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico lies the Waldemar Guest Ranch, the site of Design Ranch 2005. Boasting over 500 acres, you could say it’s as big as hell and half of Texas.

Established in 1926, this spread is now the site of one of the oldest continuously operated girls’ camps in the nation and surely one of the most beautiful. Deep in the rugged Texas Hill Country, its air-conditioned cabins built of stone, cedar and saltillo tile overlook the banks of the Guadalupe River. The handmade furniture and front porches of each cabin herald the very spirit of the wild frontier.

Waldemar offers a wide variety of rooms and cabins along with an oversized dining hall that features family-style meals by a gourmet staff. Guests can go swimming, play tennis or take to the trails on foot or by horse.


Kids - its on. Be apart of Austins Design and creative community. Design Ranch is the only kind of conference anywhere.... and its here. Help us help you and your local/national/international community ride to higher level of exposure. BUt rest assured the money we raise goes towards Design Ranch, the nationally recognized conference, which helps fund our yearly educational programming that reaches students and professionals.

Design Ranch is unique among national design conferences and retreats. We offer intimate, hands-on workshops led by some of the country’s most esteemed and talented creatives. Our guests have come to the heart of Texas (Hunt, Texas to be precise) from as far as China, Alaska, Canada, Latin America and all across the U.S. They have to opportunity to work alongside internationally acclaimed creatives like Joe Duffy, Woody Pirtle, Charles Spencer Anderson, Joel Nakamura, Dan Winters, Chip Kidd, Paula Scher, Seymour Chwast, DJ Stout, Jim Sherradan of Hatch Show Print, Modern Dog, Stephen Doyle, and even the long-time creative director of Martha Stewart, Inc., Gael Towey.

But we know diddly about how to ask for sponsorship, short of this tactic. So thanks for reading this far, and we hope you’ll consider helping us advance our mission of furthering design as a strategic tool for business and as a cultural force.

If you can help or want to know more about it, give me a jingle.

512 708 1128