Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DR Testimonials

Gotta spread the good news? This is where you do it.

Here is what past attendees have said.

“ You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Woody Pirtle doing the two-step in nothing but a pair of pink-fringed ankle boots. To this day it keeps me awake at night.” Chip Kidd Design Ranch alumni 2002

“I’ve had the honor of participating in many a professional event and NEVER has one been so well conceived, organized and executed. It was a lovely experience that I hold in the highest regard.” Alicia Johnson Design Ranch alumni 2003

“ Best *#@!#@ conference I have ever attended. Was invited to be a workshop leader, had so much fun I have paid to come back ever since.” Joel Nakamura Design Ranch alumni 1999, 2000

“ This is one of those rare events that allow you to learn directly from – and drink beer, eat BBQ and dance with – design greats. It doesn’t get any more hands-on than Design Ranch.” Marc Burckhardt Design Ranch alumni

“It’s the most fun I ever had with type and cactus!” Paula Scher Design Ranch alumni 2000

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