Thursday, July 27, 2006

Start this again...

Taking the horse by the reigns. Its been a lazy, quiet summer and I've taken it upon myself to recruit a cast of characters to help me get Design Ranch off the ground again. Its been a lot of re-thinking and re-tooling the event based on feedback from past attendees. There are some exciting speakers. New workshops. Now next step... asking for cash.

Austin is prime to go to the next level as a creative force. Its pretty clear just from living here and seeing the kinds of things people are involved with. Design needs a vehicle. We need to do what MIke Judge did for animation, what Linkletter did for film. Design Ranch is our catalyst. If the rest of the country looks to austin, bigger budgets, better work and higher quality of life follows. We're on par with the San Frans and the New Yorks. TRUST ME getting involved will pay dividends - so if you can support us. Please do.

I think I am looking for 3 creative firms to come in at $5K each ($15K total) that would get us moving. You would recieve a list of exposure opportunities, of course, on a national level.

lets talk....

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