Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Waldemar Guest Ranch

Somewhere between Austin and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico lies the Waldemar Guest Ranch, the site of Design Ranch 2007. Boasting 7 acres short of 700, you could say it’s as big as hell and half of Texas.

Established in 1927, this spread is now the site of one of the oldest continuously operated girls’ camps in the nation and surely one of the most beautiful. Deep in the rugged Texas Hill Country, its air-conditioned cabins built of stone, cedar and saltillo tile overlook the banks of the Guadalupe River. The handmade furniture and front porches of each cabin herald the very spirit of the wild frontier.

Waldemar offers a wide variety of rooms and cabins along with an oversized dining hall that features family-style meals by a gourmet staff. Guests can go swimming, play tennis or take to the trails on foot or by horse.


janina lovern said...

Do I have to stay at the Ranch?
I grew up in San Antonio and I don't have a problem
driving 50+ miles each way. I live in LA and for me that's like driving out to Irvine, CA-except its a more scenic drive from San Antonio to Hunt, TX.


sean said...

staying on the ranch is not mandatory. If you are alright with making the drive - please feel free to do so.